How family caregivers can benefit from respite care

What is Respite Care?

Respite care allows the family caregiver to take a break from care-giving, allowing the caregiver time to recharge, ease their stress, and avoid potential burnout.

Keeping the caregiver healthy and supported results in higher quality time spent together. The longer a family member can provide appropriate care, the longer the loved one is able to stay comfortably at home.

Role of a family caregiver

Caring for a loved one can be a rewarding experience, but intense or long-term care can often have a negative impact on the caregiver’s health and well-being. This is especially difficult if you are a first-time family caregiver. People can struggle with balancing their role with their own family’s needs and can lead to the caregiver feeling overwhelmed and confused. The effects can be devastating and in some extreme circumstances lead to:

  • Psychological effects such as depression, anxiety, and anger
  • Health related issues resulting from chronic stress, lack of sleep and/or physical exercise
  • Personal financial problems
  • Negative career consequences
  • Drug/alcohol abuse
  • Elderly abuse

If you are a caregiver, you should consider respite.

Types of respite care

members, volunteers, or a home health care service provider.

Respite care can be provided either at home or in a long-term care facility. Services you can expect from Health Care Providers include:

  • Personal Care
  • Companionship
  • Meal Preparation
  • Medication Reminder
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Nursing

Respite care also benefits the person receiving care by:

  • Developing and nurturing the care recipient’s social, recreational and life skills
  • Reducing stress and improving long-term functioning of both caregivers and care recipients
  • Preventing crisis situations

Respite resources are available for family caregivers

If you are a family caregiver you deserve an extra hand or some time to take care of yourself, so find some time this year to focus on you. Our respite care services are bespoke and designed with the caregiver in mind. Contact us on 0333 222 9199 if you’d like more information about respite care.