Dementia Care

Helping individuals and family
members cope with difficulties
that may lie ahead

Looking after a friend or relative who has dementia is often very challenging. It’s just as important to look after your own health, as it is that of the person with dementia.

In the later-stages of dementia the person may become increasingly dependent on others for their care.

They may have severe memory loss at this stage and fail to recognise those close to them. They may lose weight (especially if chewing and swallowing are difficult), lose their ability to walk, become incontinent, and behave in unusual ways.

Not everyone will show all these signs, and some people may show them earlier on in the illness.

YCAS understands what caring for someone with dementia takes and we are here to help.

All of our carers are trained in dementia training as standard and those with specialist dementia training can use memory boxes, advance decision-making tools and plan to meet you or your loves one’s individual needs and desires.

We are proud to have a number of our team who are Dementia friends and our MD is a Dementia Champion as accredited by Alzheimer’s Society.

Replacement care can be provided in the home of the person with dementia. Most people prefer this because they can stay in a familiar environment and maintain daily routines.

YCAS’s replacement care at home can do any of the following:

  • Professional carer’s can support during the day to give a break, with the unpaid carer using the time to do something they want to do (e.g. go to the shops, visit friends or pursue education or a hobby)
  • We can spend time with the person with dementia and engage them in social activities both inside and outside of your/their home
  • Our trained dementia carer’s can also come into your/their home to care for the person during the night to give the carer a chance to sleep and get fully recharged
  • We can stay with the person with dementia or make regular visits over a certain period of time so that the unpaid carer can go on holiday or have an extended break away from the home.

YCAS can provide replacement care or primary care –  for a few hours a day, regular visits (e.g. three/four times a day) or 24-hour support for the person at home, depending on your  needs.

We also  specialise in providing 24-hour live-in care. This is usually less expensive than a place in a care home.

To hear how we can meet your needs call our specialists now for support on 0333 222 9199.