Learning Disabilities

Giving you the help, support and guidance that you need

We work for and support people of all ages who have learning disabilities and associated needs. 

This could include communication difficulties, Asperger’s syndrome, sensory impairments, autism, epilepsy and other physical disabilities. Our person-centred approach helps develop independence and allows everyone to reach their potential – enabling.

Work together to reach your goals

We take a more flexible approach than traditional services, caring for and supporting people of all ages with learning disabilities.

You may want us to help you in your own home, your family home or a supported living service.

We work to match our service to your needs

We can support you for either a few hours a week or 24 hours a day, or anything in-between.

To develop your support plan, we’ll work closely with you. Where appropriate, we will also work with your family, friends, advocates and other professionals.

The result is a plan that reflects your wishes and needs. It helps set goals and the outcomes you want to achieve. But it doesn’t end there. We’ll work with you to regularly review your support plan, ensuring that we’re giving you the right level of support to reach your goals.

To ensure you receive all the support available to you, we work closely with social services learning disability teams. We also work with community health teams, housing providers and other community organisations.

To hear how we can meet your needs call our specialists now for support on 0333 222 9199.