Helping people who leave hospital to keep their independence and remain at home

Been in hospital or recovering from an operation or illness?

Our specially trained care workers work with you at home, helping you to regain the confidence and ability to do things yourself. 

This type of service also can benefit people with dementia or physical difficulties.

A fully trained care worker will help give you your confidence back, helping in the short term and do with, rather than for. Just until your back on your feet and able to cope yourself again with little or no intervention required.

Achieve Your Goals

Regain the confidence and ability to do things yourself with our re-enablement services. We’ll work with you to establish the outcomes you want to achieve and set a deadline for reaching them. This delivers better results than indefinite care with no particular aims. Heavily tested, we found that nearly two thirds of people who received our enablement care needed no ongoing care services after just six weeks.

We work closely with community, hospital and social care teams, support workers and senior care co-ordinators, who share our vision of improving your outcomes. Our goal is for our
re-enablement care to help you live independently, while reducing your on-going care costs.

To hear how we can meet your needs call our specialists now for support on 0333 222 9199.